I’m a doctoral candidate in the
Department of Cognitive Science,
at the University of California, San Diego.

I study mathematical practice and cognition. 

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Tyler Marghetis



Biking LAX to SB to talk about gesture

Esther Walker and I are biking over 100 miles, from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, to attend CSDL 2014. I’m talking about how the mental number-line spreads by gestural contagion.


Three talks at CogSci 2014!

At this summer’s Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, I’m giving three talks: one as part of my symposium on time, one on the spatial representation of negative integers, and another on linguistic relativity in bilingual Mexico. I’ll be giving a talk every day of the conference! Yikes.


Symposium on “The Origins of Time”

Katharine Tillman, Esther Walker, and I have put together a symposium this on the human experience of time. The symposium will bring together perspectives from linguistics, anthropology, development, and cognitive psychology. Join us this July in Quebec, Canada, at the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.


Systems Neuroscience Meets Embodied Cognition

At the end of October, I’m honored to present an invited talk in Lisbon, Portugal, at a workshop that will bring together systems neuroscientists and some of the leading cognitive scientists working on the embodiment of cognition. More info here.


I am a camera[-ready conference paper]

Both my submissions to CogSci2013 in Berlin were accepted: a study of associations between numbers and behavioral space, with Jasmeen Kanwal and Benjamin Bergen (UCSD); and a study of schematic spatial representations of conjunctions in natural language, with Ernesto Guerra and Pia Knoeferle (Bielefeld). See you in Berlin!


Summer seminar

This summer, I’m teaching an upper-division undergraduate seminar on Analogy and Conceptual Systems. We’ll discuss metaphor, conceptual blending, embodied simulation, and analogy, including their manifestations in behavior, gesture, speech, cultural practices, and material artifacts. Join us!


Neuroscience + Social Justice = Awesome!

I spent the last two weeks in idyllic Ilheus, Brazil, for the Latin American School for Education, Cognitive and Neural Sciences. I learned from some of the best education and cognitive scientists, and met other students interested in using the tools of cognitive sciece to improve education for all, regardless of country of origin or socio-economic status. What an inspiring experience!


New article on math and embodiment

Our article on expert mathematical practice has been accepted for publication in TopiCS in Cognitive Science! Combining a gesture study of collaborating graduate students with an historical case study of the 19th century French mathematician Cauchy, we argue that even experts rely on metaphor and fictive motion while doing mathematics. It’s available here.


Summer adventures

It’s been a busy summer. First a whirlwind world tour: Six countries, six weeks, four talks, three conferences, and two weeks of fieldwork makes for one very tired but energized cognitive scientist. And now I’m teaching an upper-division seminar on conceptual systems. Who knew Science could be so much fun!


Summer conference plans

I’m going to Sweden in July, to give two talks at the 5th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies. The first talk reports an ERP study of the brain’s response to mathematical explanations in speech and gesture. The second describes evidence in gesture that we reason about arithmetic using two complementary conceptual metaphors.


Conference talk!

More metaphor-fun in England this summer! I’m giving a talk on metaphors in mathematics, at RaAM 9 in Lancaster, UK.


CogLing conference talk!

My research on metaphorical gestures during the conceptualization of arithmetic has been accepted as a talk at the 11th CSDL Conference in May! It’ll be my first time in Vancouver. Can’t wait.


Gesture and metaphor in London!

I’m headed to London! This July, I’m speaking on flexible conceptualizations of arithmetic at the 4th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference.


My own seminar

Want to think about meaning and conceptual systems? Then join me this summer. Thanks to a UCSD Teaching Fellowship, I’m teaching a seminar on exactly that!



Just passed my Oral Qualifying Exam. I’m now officially a doctoral candidate.



I’m headed to San Francisco for the Fall! I’ll be a visiting graduate student in the Department of Philosophy at UC Berkeley.