Beware your digital tail (and tale)

by Marta Kutas

5 March 2011

It seems people are intimidated by previous blog postings. No need. It’s a place to share interesting observations, thoughts, things read, things published, etc. This a.m. I read an article in NYTimes “Armies of Expensive Lawyers Replaced by Cheaper Software”.  It was about e-discovery software – various programs that search documents for key words, or key concepts, or evidence of foul play by deducing patterns of behavior.  I was surprised to find just how big a business this is – Cataphora, Blackstone Discovery, Clearwell Systems – and even more surprised to find that this business got a big boost when the electronic mail database known as the Enron Corpus was made available to scientists for analysis. Just one reason to learn more about linguistics, corpus analysis, programming, representations, etc. – and bring them together in what makes for good cognitive science.