A Triton Day Take-over

by Jeremy B. Karnowski

10 April 2012

Triton Day 2012 was marked by an outpouring of departmental participation, as Cognitive Science undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff spent their Saturday showcasing the interdisciplinary research of the department. Triton Day, which brought about 24,000 people to campus on April 7th, is an event that invites newly admitted undergraduates and the general public to explore what UCSD has to offer and to highlight their institutional success. The Cognitive Science department was right there among the top. "The Cognitive Science department had a truly impressive booth", noted Rafael Núñez, "with well-presented two tables (the only one that big!), and with wonderful attractive informative displays." Thanh Maxwell, who has (wo-)manned the booth at Triton Day for 7 years and who was the driving force behind the department's participation this year, was ecstatic at the enthusiasm and mentioned that this one was the best of all.

Triton Day Crew

The booth highlighted the many ways Cognitive Science approaches the study of the mind, having demonstrations of concepts in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, and human computer interaction. The graduate students did an incredible job relating not only the technical details of their subdiscipline but highlighting how those features interfaced with other projects at the booth to present a unified front. "A lot of people approached the table just to ask 'What is Cognitive Science?'," related graduate Andrew Schork, "but i think many left intrigued by and excited about our department." As word spread, the booth attracted families, parents, and students from afar, as they came looking from other parts of the campus. Triton Day 2012 was a huge success for the department, and many are looking forward to next year.

Triton Day Crowd

Here is a Photo Album of the day's events. Our booth was also featured in this article in UCSD's weekly news. A special thanks to all those who spent the entire Saturday out in the sun spreading the good word of CogSci.

Graduate Students: Nan Renner, Ben Cipollini, Jeremiah Karnowski, Jamie Alexandre, Andy Alexander, Andrew Schork and Richard Tibbles

Undergraduate Students: Jerad Acosta, Mitchell Celaya, and Alan Tran

Faculty: Rafael Núñez

Staff: Thanh Maxwell