A Great Earthpig Effort

by Melissa Troyer

13 November 2012

The Earthpigs rounded off one of their most successful volleyball seasons yet this past Tuesday, with a dashing attempt at fending off the devious (and very, very tall) Charismatic Megafauna.  Though the ultimate win went to the CM, the 'Pigs gave it their all, creaming the 'Fauna in the last match, going all the way to 15 points.  With some of the team in what looked to be at least half of their Sunday best, it's no wonder the 'Fauna were floored!

The Earthpigs kept the season going with raw Vermilingua energy from game one against the vicious and textese-loving team calling themselves "Aspire 2 Fly".  It was during this game that a brand-spanking new team member R. Tibbles staved off the Aspirers' final point with a nasty heading of the ball (in intramural VB, ANYTHING goes!).

And let's not forget game 3, the first victory of the season.  It was during this game that the same new member (whom our captain Esther Walker has dubbed Richard "was the floor just waxed?" Tibbles) earned his title, "never failing to throw himself to the ground to get at a rogue ball."  Other highlights of this game against the "Him 2 Finish" (seriously undergrads: what's with the aversion to spelling?!) include our barefoot-loving players Omar and Dan risking it all for the good of the team.

Another rookie to the VB (field? diamond?, oh right--) court, V. Malave, was a smash hit in games 3 and 5 with game-winning serves.

And where would be without our fearless leader Esther "pow-pow-pow" Walker, who serves up a beast of a... well, serve, and the relentless Conor Frye, who may well be the only member to show up for Earthpiggery each and every week?

If you see any of our illustrious members in the hall, be sure to give them a high five for this season and good luck snort for the next!