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Minds & Brains
MW 11:00-13:50 in CSB 003  
Description: How damaged and normal brains influence the way humans solve problems, remember or forget, pay attention to things; how they affect our emotions, and the way we use language in daily life.
MTWR 09:30-10:50 in SOLIS 110  
Description: An introduction to structure of natural language, and to the cognitive processes that underline its acquisition, comprehension, and production. This course covers findings from linguistics, computer science, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience to provide an integrated perspective on human language abilities. Recommended: Cognitive Science 101A.
Distributed Cognition
TR 14:00-16:50 in CSB 005  
Description: Cognitive processes extend beyond the boundaries of the person to include the environment, artifacts, social interactions, and culture. Major themes include the philosophy and history of cognitive science, the role of artifacts in human cognition, and theories of socially-distributed, embodied, and extended cognition. Prerequisites: Cognitive Science 1 and Cognitive Science 14.
Neuroanatomy and Physiology
TR 11:00-13:50 in CSB 004  
COGS 155
Gesture and Cognition
MW 08:00-10:50 in CENTR 201  
COGS 157
Music and the Mind
COGS 174
Drugs: Brain, Mind and Culture
TR 14:00-16:50 in PETER 102  
Description: This course explores how drugs interact with the brain/mind and culture. It covers evolutionary and historical perspectives, brain chemistry, pharmacology, expectancies and placebo effects, and models of addiction. It also provides a biopsychosocial survey of commonly used and abused substances. Prerequisites: upper-division standing.
COGS 188
Representation,Search&the Web
MW 14:00-16:50 in CENTR 224B  
Description: AI Algorithm & Social Language. This class will cover latest machine learning and text analysis algorithm. Such algorithms have become important in the area of data collected from the internet and for the analysis for Social Network Activities such as Twitter posts, Emails, Blogs, etc. Prerequisite: COGS109 or COGS118A or COGS118B.

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