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An Introduction to Computing
TR 11:00-13:50 in CENTR 218  
Description: A practical introduction to computers. Designed for undergraduates in the social sciences. Topics include: basic operations of personal computers (MAC, PC), UNIX, word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, and creating web pages using the World Wide Web. No previous background in computing required.
Intro. to Statistical Analysis
MW 14:00-16:50 in CENTR 218  
Armenta, Richard Frank
Neurobiology of Cognition
MW 11:00-13:50 in CENTR 205 (website)  
Description: Introduction to the organization and functions of the nervous system. Topics include molecular, cellular, developmental, systems, and behavioral neurobiology. Specifically, structure and function of neurons, peripheral and central nervous systems, sensory, motor, and control systems, learning and memory mechanisms. (Students may not receive credit for both Biology 12 and Cognitive Science 17. This course fulfills general-education requirements for Marshall and Roosevelt Colleges as well as Warren by petition.)
Learning, Memory and Attention
MTWR 14:00-15:20 in WLH 2115 (website)  
Description: A survey of the experimental study of learning, memory, and attention. Topics include conditioning, automaticity, divided attention, memory systems, and the nature of mental representation. Prerequisites: Cognitive Science 1. Recommended: Cognitive Science 101A.
Amsel, Ben David
COGS 109
Modeling & Data Analysis
TR 14:00-16:50 in CSB 001 (website)  
Description: Exposure to the basic computational methods useful throughout cognitive science. Computing basic statistics, modeling learning individuals, evolving populations, communicating agents, and corpus-based linguistics will be considered. Prerequisites: Cognitive Science 18 or equivalent programming course or consent of instructor.
COGS 154
Comm Disorders/Children&Adults
MW 14:00-16:50 in PETER 102  
Description: Neural bases of language use in normal adults, and neural bases of language and communication development in normal children. Evidence on the language and communication deficits in adults (especially aphasia and dementia) and children (specific language impairment, focal brain injury, retardation, and autism). Prerequisites: upper-division standing.
Yang, Dorothy D
Usability & Info. Architecture
MW 11:00-13:50 in CENTR 218  
Description: Examines the cognitive basis of successful web and multimedia design. Topics: information architecture, navigation, usability, graphic layout, transaction design, and how to understand user interaction. Prerequisites: CSE 7; upper-division standing.

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