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· IGERT Boot Camp ·

To ensure that our IGERT fellows are given the best opportunity to reach their full potential while participating in the program, we have a one-week boot camp for our new "recruits" that takes place just before the start of Fall Quarter.   The Boot Camp, as the name implies, is a rigorous training and familiarization experience.   Participants will be introduced to the research of program-affiliated faculty and immersed in a variety of lab projects that are designed to expose them to the relevant research topics in the areas of human vision, computer vision, human learning, and machine learning, while honing important practical and intellectual skills.  

Since the Boot Camp occurs just prior to the beginning of the academic year, participants are expected to have already established their residence in San Diego.   During the boot camp, students will be participating in daily activities that will generally require their presence on campus the entire day and well into the night, so it is not advisable to schedule other activities during this time period.  

The 2008 Boot Camp will be held from Sept 15 to September 19. Please contact to request participation.

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