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IGERT authors: please acknowledge all IGERT related publications involving research conducted while you were a graduate student (during and after your IGERT support years -- You are still an IGERT fellow even after your funding ends until you graduate). You may acknowledge with the following excerpt.

supported by NSF IGERT Grant #DGE-0333451 to GW Cottrell/VR de Sa.


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This study used visual psychophysics to assess the integrity of the magnocellular versus parvocellular visual pathway in 6-month-old infants with a family history of autism. When compared with control infants with no family history of autism, these infants evidenced a specific abnormality in the magnocellular visual pathway. Given that autism and its symptoms are known to run in families, these results suggest that autism may be associated with abnormal M pathway function early in infancy, which may aid in early diagnosis of the disorder.


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