UIST Student Innovation Contest

Hi Folks,

Get your thinking caps on and ideas flowing for the third annual
UIST Student Innovation Contest (SIC). The goal of the contest
is to innovate new interactions on state-of-the-art hardware. We
give you the latter, and you show us what you can do.

This year we're going to be working with the brand, spanking new
Microsoft TouchMouse []. In addition to
supplying you the hardware for free, Microsoft is providing
exclusive access to a pre-release of the TouchMouse API. This
lets you get at the underlying 2D capacitive image captured by
the mouse's sensor matrix.
You'll get a chance to hack together some cool demos before the
everyone else gets their hands on the API. For more details
check out this video [].

The registration deadline is August 17th, and all you have to do
is send an email. More details about the hardware, rules,
frequently asked questions, and other important dates can be
found on the official contest website []. 

Hope we see you and your entry at UIST in Santa Barbara on Oct.
16th-19th, 2011.

Chris, Kayur and Nick
(UIST 2011 Student Innovation Contest Chairs)