UIST 2012 Student Innovation Competition

Get your thinking caps on and ideas flowing for the fourth annual UIST Student Innovation Contest (SIC). The goal of the contest is to innovate new interactions on state-of-the-art hardware. We give you the hardware, and you show us what you can do. Contestants will demo their creations at the October 8th demo reception. The winners will be announced the following day. Continue reading below to learn more about the contest rules and awards.
This year, our hardware partner is Synaptics - an industry leader in human interface design. Synaptics has provided us with a revolutionary input device, code named "Jedeye". The pre-production prototype features high resolution, independent tracking for up to 5 fingers. Check out the demos in the announcement video to see what's possible with Jedeye. In addition to supplying you the hardware gratis, Synaptics is providing exclusive access to a pre-release of the Jedeye API and code samples. You'll have a chance to hack together some cool demos before everyone else gets their hands on the device. You even get to keep Jedeye after you're done!
Synaptics will be revealing more about this secret product in early August, so stay tuned for more technical details. Thanks for your interest!