Indiana Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science Submissions

From: Brenden Sewell (
Subject: Last Call – Indiana Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science Submissions
Date: 9/5/09

Indiana Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science

Are you interested in the inner workings of the mind or intelligent systems? Do you have a paper that deals with anything related to this complex subject? If so, then consider submitting it for PUBLICATION in a peer-reviewed journal!

The IUJCS is a peer-reviewed, online journal of writing in cognitive science. The journal is currently accepting submissions of original work by undergraduate students in cognitive science and related disciplines. Submissions may originate from any field within cognitive science including, but not limited to: artificial intelligence, anthropology, biology, computer science, linguistics, logic, philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. Even if you are unsure whether your work is relevant, I encourage you to submit.

The benefits of publication include:
*Sharing your important research or ideas with a growing academic community
*Recognition for your outstanding research and writing skills
*Building your publication record for graduate school or employment, and much more.

Interested authors are asked to submit their work electronically in Microsoft Word format to the following e-mail address:

The deadline for all submissions for the Summer 2009 edition of the journal is September 30, 2009.

For more information on the IUJCS or to submit your work, visit:

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