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Emo Todorov (organizer): Advances in Computational Motor Control IX{E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Vicente Malave: Neural correlates of objective and subjective
responses to minimum-jerk biological motion{E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Jake Feldman (undergrad), Jaime Pineda: Empathy and the mirror neuron system{E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Jaime Pineda: The role of mirroring in deception: A mu suppression study{E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Ayse Saygin: Neural correlates of objective and subjective responses
to minimum-jerk biological motion (74.15/PP4){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Ayse Saygin: New media technologies for communicating neuroscience to
the public (27.20/PPP19){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: Translation-invariant independent component analysis
of natural images yields "double" gabor filters{E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: Early postnatal ablation of mGluR5 in
parvalbumin-positive fast-spiking interneurons results in profound
alteration of their normal development{E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}


Sunday morning:
Micah Bregman: Song recognition is invariant to absolute pitch shifts
in the European Starling (170.10/FF14){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Matt Schalles: Music and mu rhythms (170.2/FF6){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Ayse Saygin, Burcu Urgen: Retinotopic maps in human cortex: Effects of
stimulus structure, attentional load and top down attention

Andrea Chiba: The relation between mean firing rate and rate
correlations in neuronal analyses (208.7/LLL68){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Anders Dale: Direct and simultaneous 2-photon imaging of intravascular
and tissue oxygenation during the response to sensory stimulation in
vivo (192.6/FFF10){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Anders Dale: Unreliable and delayed astrocytic calcium response does
not support the hypothesis of calcium-dependent astrocytic regulation
of blood flow (192.9/FFF13){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Howard Poizner (co-author on presentation): The whole brain catalog
and multiscale connectome browsing (230.2){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski (co-author on presentation): Expected value of
information overlaps with reward circuits in humans (129.10){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Sunday Afternoon:
Howard Poizner: Action planning under risk and uncertainty in
Parkinson’s Disease (291.2/EEE9){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Howard Poizner: Virtual reaching and grasping in Parkinson's disease

Terry Sejnowski: Feedback model of visual perceptual learning (279.10/SS1){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Monday Morning:
Tim Mullen: An electrophysiological information flow toolbox for
EEGLAB (413.28/OOO70){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Joan Stiles: Functional neuroanatomy of face processing expertise:
FMRI BOLD activation differences to personally familiar and unfamiliar
faces (393.13/III24){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Anders Dale: Patterns of cortical and subcortical neuroanatomical
change identified in posterior cortical atrophy using baseline and
longitudinal volumetric magnetic resonance imaging (349.26/K10){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Anders Dale: Patterns of cortical and subcortical atrophy identified
in Parkinson’s disease dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies using
volumetric and diffusion tensor imaging (349.27/K11){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: A neurocomputational model relating brain density to
neural dynamics in social cognition (403.14/LLL70){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski, Howard Poizner: Tougher decisions make rougher moves:
The kinematics of reaching to make choices during rewarded learning

Terry Sejnowski: A role for DNA methylation in the NMDA receptor
antagonist-mediated loss of phenotype of parvalbumin-positive
fast-spiking interneurons (363.27/CC2){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: Neonatal exposure to NMDA receptor antagonists halts
the maturation of parvalbumin-positive fast-spiking interneurons,
leading to altered network activity in adulthood (363.21/BB14){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: Spatial pattern and severity of cortical trauma
determine the propensity of post-traumatic epileptogenesis (350.28/M8){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: The role of astrocytes in gamma oscillations in the
brain (343.19/G50){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Monday afternoon:
Crane Huang, Angela Yu: Statistical learning across trials and
reward-driven decision-making within trials in an active visual search
task: Comparison of human behavioral data to Bayes-optimal sensory
processing and saccade planning (503.17/KKK67){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Matt Leonard, Anders Dale, Jeff Elman: Lexico-semantic processes
indexed by the infant N400m rely on similar left frontotemporal areas
as in adults (502.13/KKK42){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Pradeep Shenoy, Joe Schilz, Anglea Yu: Optimal decision-making and
inhibitory control in the stop-signal task: Go and stop latencies both
depend on go stimulus difficulty (503.14/KKK64){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: Stochastic modeling of vesicular release at
hippocampal synapses (448.5/G35){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Emo Todorov, Terry Sejnowski: Infinite horizon optimal control
framework for goal directed movements (492.17/FFF2){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Tuesday morning:
Crane Huang, Howard Poizner: Eye-hand coordination and EEG correlates
of rapid pointing under risk and uncertainty (592.1/GGG6){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski (co-author on presentation): Neural adaptation reduces
energy cost while preserving coding accuracy (531.4){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: Thalamocortical feedback controls the properties of
sleep spindles in vivo (552.17/H67)

Terry Sejnowski: Interactions between core and matrix thalamocortical
systems in human sleep spindle synchronization (552.19/H69){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Tuesday afternoon:
Matt Leonard, Anders Dale, Jeff Elman: Bilateral posterior activity is
modulated by proficiency in the bilingual brain (700.8/KKK18){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Ginny de Sa: Discrimination of EEG and EMG signals associated with
speech production (689.24/DDD10){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Ginny de Sa: EEG features of gait intent for application to brain computer interfaces (689.25/EEE1){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Doug Nitz: Spaces within spaces: Rat posterior parietal cortex neurons
register position across three spatial scales simultaneously

Wednesday morning:
Terry Jernigan: Increasing CD4 levels are associated with more white
matter abnormalities and increased gray matter over time in HIV: The
CHARTER study (764.4/T14){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Jaime Pineda: Evidence for a sex-related bias in processing movement
versus object characteristics (804.3/JJJ14){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Anders Dale: Estimation of synaptic currents from laminar
multi-electrode recordings (820.8/PPP9){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Anders Dale: EEG and MEG cortical lead fields (820.10/PPP11){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Howard Poizner (co-author on presentation): Deep brain stimulation of
the subthalamic nucleus alters the cortical profile of response
inhibition in the beta frequency band: A scalp EEG study in
Parkinson's disease (734.3){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: Conductance imbalances link diverse symptoms of
demyelination diseases (745.12/F7){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Wednesday afternoon:
Doug Nitz, Andrea Chiba: Simulation of cholinergic and noradrenergic
modulation of behavior in uncertain environments (814.9/NNN3){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Rosalynn Landazuri (undergrad), Jaime Pineda: The human mirror neuron
system: A preference for egocentric visual viewpoint on goal-directed
hand movement (893.15/DDD7){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski, Andrea Chiba: Rodents effectively learn statistics of
hidden food rewards in a novel search task (813.6/MMM44){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}

Terry Sejnowski: The 3D structure of hippocampal extracellular space
has sheets and tunnels (853.1/G52){E5D5C83F-CE2D-4D71-9DD6-FC7231E090FB}