CSSA is hosting CogSci Wi11 Study Session

Hello CSSA members!

It's the end of the quarter and that means finals are upon us.
Luckily, the CSSA is hosting special study sessions just for
people in COGS classes! All CogSci students are welcome, though
each room will be emphsizing a particuar class. SNACKS will be


Today, 3/11		  CSB 004		COGS 107B
3 - 5:50 pm		  CSB 005		COGS 1

Monday, 3/14		 WLH 2205		COGS 174
3:30 - 6:20 pm		  WLH 2207		COGS 101B

Come flex your mental muscles with your classmates and make
those tests a breeze.

See you there! Good luck on finals!

Yours in Brain Matters,

Your CSSA Officers