Pineda A. Jaime, Giromini Luciano, Porcelli Piero, Parolin Laura, Viglione J. Donald. Mu Suppression and Human Movement Responses to the Rorschach Test. NeuroReport, in press.


Electroencephalographic mu wave suppression was investigated using all ten static, ambiguous Rorschach stimuli. In a previous study using four Rorschach stimuli, the two stimuli that elicited feelings of movement were associated with mu suppression. In the present investigation, we replicated this relationship using all ten Rorschach stimuli and overcoming a number of other previous limitations. The results strongly support the hypothesis that internal representation of the feeling of movement is sufficient to suppress the mu rhythm even when minimal external cues are present. This outcome increases the generalizability and ecological validity of this approach and gives support to the traditional interpretation of the Rorschach human movement responses as being associated with cognitive functioning, empathy and social cognition.