Faculty & Labs

Seana Coulson


Homepage: http://cogsci.ucsd.edu/~coulson/
Email: coulson@cogsci.ucsd.edu

Office: CSB 161
Phone: 858 534.7486

Dissertation: Semantic Leaps: The Role of Conceptual Blending in Meaning Construction.

Supervisor: Gilles Fauconnier.

Current Position: Professor, UC San Diego, Deptartment of Cognitive Science.

Research Interests

Cognitive electrophysiology, cognitive semantics, experimental pragmatics, gesture comprehension, synesthesia.


Selected Publications

Davenport, T., & Coulson, S. (2011) Predictability and novelty in literal language comprehension: An ERP study. Brain Research, in press. doi:10.1016/j.brainres.2011.07.039