Faculty & Labs

Marta Kutas

Distinguished Professor

Homepage: http://kutaslab.ucsd.edu/people/kutas/
Email: kutas@cogsci.ucsd.edu

Office: CSB 155
Phone: 858 534.7450

Research Interests

Normal and abnormal language processing, memory, information processing, aging.

Selected Publications

Urbach, T., Kutas, M. (2010). Quantifiers more or less quantify on-line: ERP evidence for partial incremental interpretation, Journal of Memory and Language, 63 (2), pp. 158-179.

Borovsky, A., Kutas, M. , Elman, J. (2010). Learning to use words: Event-related potentials index single-shot contextual word learning. Cognition, 116(2), pp. 289-296.

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Federmeier, K.D., Kutas, M., & Schul, R. (2010) Age-related and individual differences in the use of prediction during language comprehension. Brain & Language, 115(3), 149-161.

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