Faculty & Labs

Rafael Núñez


Homepage: http://www.cogsci.ucsd.edu/~nunez/web/index.html
Email: nunez@cogsci.ucsd.edu

Office: CSB 165
Phone: 858 822.5253

Research Interests

Embodied mind, abstraction, cognitive linguistics, gesture production, mathematical thinking.

Featured Publications

Marghetis, T., & Núñez, R. (2013). The Motion Behind the Symbols: A Vital Role for Dynamism in the Conceptualization of Limits and Continuity in Expert Mathematics. Topics in Cognitive Science, 5, 299-316. doi:10.1111/tops.12013

Núñez, R., Cooperrider, K., (2013). The Tangle of Space and Time in Human Cognition. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 17(5), 220-229.

Núñez, R., Cooperrider, K., Wassmann, J. (2012). Number Concepts Without Number Lines in an Indigenous Group of Papua New Guinea. PLoS ONE.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0035662

Núñez, R., Cooperrider, K., Doan, D, Wassmann, J. (2012). Contours of Time:Topographic Construals of Past, Present, and Future in the Yupno Valley ofPapua New Guinea. Cognition.http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cognition.2012.03.007

Cooperrider, K., & Núñez, R. (2012). Nose-pointing: Notes on a facialgesture of Papua New Guinea. Gesture, 12, 103-130. doi10.1075/gest.12.2.01coo

Núñez, R. & Cornejo, C. (2012). Facing the Sunrise: Cultural Worldview Underlying Intrinsic-Based Encoding of Absolute Frames of Reference inAymara. Cognitive Science.

Cooperrider, K., Marghetis, T., and Núñez, R. (2017). Where does the Ordered Line Come From? Evidence From a Culture of Papua New Guinea. Psychological Science.

Selected Publications

Núñez, R. (2011) No Innate Number Line in the Human Brain. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 2011 42: 651

Núñez, R., Doan, D., Nikoulina, A. (2011) Squeezing, striking, and vocalizing: Is number representationfundamentally spatial? Cognition.

Nunez, R., Doan, D, Nikoulina, A. (2011). Squeezing, Striking, andVocalizing: Is Number Representation Fundamentally Spatial? Cognition, 120,225-235.

Nunez, R. (2009). Numbers and Arithmetic: Neither Hard-wired nor Out There.Biological Theory, 4(1), 68-83.

Cornejo, C., Simonetti, F., Ibanez, A., Aldunate, N., Ceric, F., Lopez, V., & Nunez, R. (2009). Gesture and Metaphor Comprehension: Electrophysiological Evidence of Cross-modal Coordination by Audiovisual Stimulation. Brain and Cognition, 70(1), 42-52.

Cooperrider, K. & Nunez, R. (2009). Across Time, Across the Body:Transversal Temporal Gestures. Gesture, 9(2), 181-206.

Nunez, R. & Cornejo, C. (in press). Facing the Sunrise: Cultural Worldview Underlying Intrinsic-Based Encoding of Absolute Frames of Reference in Aymara. Cognitive Science.

Nunez, R. (in press). On the Science of Embodied Cognition in the 2010s: Research Questions, Appropriate Reductionism, and Testable Explanations. The Journal of the Learning Sciences. DOI: 10.1080/10508406.2011.614325

Cooperrider, K., Slotta, J., and Núñez, R. (2016). Uphill and Downhill in a Flat World: The Conceptual Topography of the Yupno House. Cognitive Science.

Núñez, Rafael, and Fias, Wim. (2015). "Ancestral Mental Number Lines: What Is the Evidence?." Cognitive Science.