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Ben Bergen

Interests: Language comprehension, language production, meaningful grammatical constructions, language acquisition, linguistic multitasking

Graduate students

Rachel Ostrand

Interests: Word and sentence production, language disorders, bilingualism, relationship between production and comprehension

Dario Gutierrez

Interests: Science

Joshua Davis

Interests: Metaphor and emotion

Carl Polley

Interests: Visual and auditory modalities in language processing and mental simulation, machine translation, Chinese

Jinsun Choe

Interests: Language acquisition, syntax, simulation semantics, Korean

Graduate Student Alumni

Nian Liu, now at University of Oklahoma.

Interests: Cognitive Linguistics, second language acquisition

Jawee Perla, now at University of Washington.

Interests: Creativity in mental simulation, consciousness, metonymy.

Bodo Winter, now at UC Merced
Mental simulation, language processing, language evolution.

Heeyeon Yoon Dennison
Prosody, sentence processing, Korean.

Manami Sato, now at Hiroshima University
Conceptual metaphor, language production, mental simulation

Song Jiang, now at the University of Hawaii, Manoa
Classifiers (in Chinese), linguistic relativism, language acquisition

Napasri Timyam, now at Kasetsart University, Thailand
Semantics of grammatical constructions, social meaning, interaction among types of linguistic and extralinguistic knowledge, Thai

Suann Robinson.

Avis Lau (née Chan), now at Washington University
Writing systems, spatial cognition, Chinese, Taiwanese

Gerald Bullock
(Second) language acquisition, semantics of grammatical constructions, simulation semantics

Sachie Maruyama
Conceptual metaphor, gender

Meylysa Tseng
Simulation semantics, negation, American Sign Language, Taiwanese Sign Language

Undergraduate Alumni

Clarice Robenalt, now at Princeton.

Interests: Figurative language, conceptual metaphor, construction grammar, iconicity, bilingualism & heritage speakers

Jennifer Wu, now at UC Santa Cruz.

Interests: Second language acquisition, mental simulation, attention, memory, overlap of language and other cognitive systems

Eun Hae Joanne Ku

Interests: Learning, attention, memory, second Language acquisition, and individual differences in language learning

Ian Loofbourrow

Interests: Cognitive linguistics, imagination and mental simulation, gesture, computation

Ankitha Bharadwaj, now at University of Washington.

Interests: Language acquisition, mental simulation, embodied cognition.

Chloe Sanossian

Interests: Interdisciplinary computing, accessible technology, visual memory, bilingualism, pragmatics, computational linguistics, sociolinguistics

Will Gallagher

Interests: Science, including dog language comprehension

Brett Parsekian

Interests: Science

Henry Bley-Vroman, now at Boston University.

Tam Nguyen, now at SJSU

Interests: Learning, attention, mental simulation, language processing and acquisition

Mikhail Stal, now at CSULB

Kristen Ciano

Audrey Hayashi

Iris Kolberg, now at the University of Colorado, Boulder


Kim Binsted - UH, Information and Computer Sciences

Nancy Chang - UC Berkeley, Computer Science

Jerome Feldman - UC Berkeley, Computer Science

George Lakoff - UC Berkeley, Linguistics

Teenie Matlock - Stanford, Psychology

Shweta Narayan - UC Berkeley, Linguistics

Srini Narayanan - UC Berkeley, Computer Science