Become a Student Research Assistant (COGS / HDP / PSYC 199)


  1. Sophomore or higher standing, with a Cognitive Science, Human Development, or Psychology major (declared or pre-major)
  2. 3.3 or better GPA
  3. At least one course (preferably upper-division) relating to human development and/or human cognition
  4. Experience interacting with infants and/or children
  5. Excellent work ethic, dedication, and desire to contribute to science
  6. Able to make a 3-quarter commitment to the lab (4 credit hours/quarter)
  7. Attend project meetings and a biweekly journal club
  8. Complete a final paper and presentation
Many (but not all) positions in the lab also require (9) your own reliable transportation, and (10) at least two mornings per week free to carry out research at local preschools.

Current Research Projects

Step 1: Prepare

If you meet the requirements above, please send the following to
  1. Brief summary of research interests: Why do you want to become a student research assistant?
  2. Copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine)
  3. Resume
  4. Class schedule
  5. Available appointment times.
You will be contacted by a senior lab personnel for an interview. Please note that participation as a student researcher is by invitation following the interview. Plan to contact the lab at least one month before the end of the academic quarter before you wish to begin participating.

Step 2: Training

All student research assistants must learn all lab policies, procedures, equipment, etc. Training is available at any time via appointment with staff and the Cognitive Development Lab Manual.