Sensation and Perception - COGS 101AFall 2004

Sensation and Perception - COGS 101A Fall 2004

Center 115 : Tuesday and Thursday 2:00-3:20

Grade sheets updated 12/13

Page 1 of grade sheet Page 2 of grade sheet Page 3 of grade sheet Page 4 of grade sheet Grades as pdf file

Two textbook CDs are now on course reserve at the Social Sciences library. You must request it separately from the textbook. Let us know if there are availability problems.

Jen's review sheet for Audition and Somatosensation (same disclaimers as below apply -- Done as a favor --use at your own risk). If you cannot read a word doc please email us for a different format (on a linux/Unix box running strings works pretty well)


Saturday 12/04/04 01:00 P - 02:30 P CSB 001 Review session with Katherine and Jen

Sunday 12/05/04 05:00 P - 06:30 P CSB 001 Review session with Jelena and Lydia

Monday 12/06/04 06:30 P - 08:00 P WLH 2111 Question and Answer session with Professor (there will be no regular office hours at 5-6)

The final is 3-6pm Tuesday December 7th in CTR 115

If anyone would like to borrow a copy of the textbook CD, it is on course reserve (see above)

Lydia and Jen's review sheets (Done as a favor. There are no guarantees that everything on the test is on this sheet -- use at your own risk)

Academic Dishonesty Policy"

Professor: Virginia de Sa

TAs: Katherine DeLong , Jelena Jovanovic

IAs: Jennifer Becker, Lydia Wood

Office Hours: VdS- Mon 5-6pm CRB 221, KD- Thu noon-1pm CSB 131, JJ- Wed 2-3pm CSB 225, JB- Fri 10-11a CSB 114, LW- Mon noon-1pm CSB 114

Required Text: Sensation and Perception, Goldstein (sixth edition)

(The text is on reserve at library also as well as earlier edition and Levine and Shefner (1995) Fundamentals of Sensation and Perception 3rd edition)

Grading Scheme: 2 Midterms (25% each), Final Exam (32%), Six lab Reports (3% each). We will downweight the midterms (lowest 10%, other 15%) if you do better on the final. If you hand in all labs, we will remove the lowest grade. But you must hand in all labs for this privilege.

Bonus Credit: For participating as an experimental subject in Cogsci or Psych and writing a short paragraph description about the study. Each hour is worth .67 points added to your final grade after it is reduced to out of 100. You are allowed a max of 3 hours (2 points). Please see for details on how to sign up. The last day to sign up is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Section info

507076 DI A01 Tu 4:00p - 4:50p CSB 180 JJ
507077 DI A02 Tu 5:00p - 5:50p CSB 180 JJ
507078 DI A03 Th 1:00p - 1:50p CSB 003 KD
507079 DI A04 Th 4:00p - 4:50p CSB 180 KD
507080 DI A05 Th 5:00p - 5:50p CSB 180 JJ

Useful References

PDF extract with cross-modal refs

Collection of pages with Psychophysical Illusions

Vision Research
Perception & Psychophysics (UCSD only)

Journal of Neurophysiology
Journal of Neuroscience
Brain Research

Tentative Course Schedule Fall 2004
Date Lecture Topic Slides Reading Week's Section Topic Resources
Sept 23
Introduction Slides Chapter 1
Sept 28
Design of the Eye Slides pp 37-43, 545-558 LAB 1: The Eye eye movie
Sept 30
Retina Slides Chapter 2 good notes
Oct 5
Coding Slides LAB 2: Dark Adaptation (done in class Thursday)
Oct 7
LAB 2 Sections optional office hours this week
Oct 12
Pathways of Information Flow Slides Chapter 3 Midterm review session
Oct 14
Higher level visual areas Slides Chapter 4
Oct 19
MIDTERM 1 (25% of grade) office hours in section Professor's solutions

page1 student example 1 page1 student example 2 page1 student example 3 page2 student example 1 page2 student example 2 page2 student example 3 page3 student example 1 page3 student example 2 page3 student example 3 page4 student example 1 page4 student example 2 page4 student example 3 page5 student example 1 page5 student example 2 page6 student example 1 page6 student example 2 page6 student example 3 page7 student example 1 page7 student example 2 page7 student example 3 page8 student example 1 page8 student example 2

Oct 21
Color: Trichromacy and Opposition Slides Chapter 6
Oct 26
Depth & Size Slides Chapter 7 LAB 3: Color
Oct 28
Motion Slides Chapter 8 Motion aftereffect spiral demo

Motion afterefect receding demo (works w/o quicktime)

Motion after effect waterfall demo

Nov 2
Psychophysical and Computational Models of Object Perception Slides Chapter 5 LAB4: Motion
Nov 4
Chapter 5 continued Slides included in slides above Chapter 5
Nov 9
Perception and Action Slides Chapter 9 Midterm review session -Thurs sections moved to Weds 11/10 10am and Weds 11/10 4pm in CSB 272. For EVENING REVIEW SESSIONS SEE TOP OF PAGE
Nov 11
Veteran's Day/ Remembrance Day No class Thursday's sections moved to Weds (see above). FOR EXTRA REVIEW SESSIONS SEE TOP OF PAGE
Nov 16
MIDTERM 2 (25% of grade) FOR EXTRA REVIEW SESSIONS SEE TOP OF PAGE Tuesday sections cancelled FOR MIDTERM REVIEW SHEET see top of page

Midterm solutions

Nov 18
Auditory Perception Slides Chapter 10 LAB 5: Auditory Patterns Great tour of the cochlea

Great movies

Nov 23
Neurophysiology of Audition Slides LAB 5: Auditory Patterns
Nov 25
US THANKSGIVING -no lecture No Thursday section
Nov 30
Auditory Localization and Grouping Slides Chapter 11 LAB 6: Somatosensory System
Dec 2
Somatosensory System/ Recurrent Themes, Cleanup Slides Chapter 13