Mental Spaces and Conceptual Integration

Beijing Lectures

Cognitive Construction of Meaning

 Gilles Fauconnier




Mental Spaces

Cognitive Linguistics

Mental Spaces



Conceptual Integration

Conceptual Blending

Blending Basics
Seana Coulson & Todd Oakley

Conceptual Integration Networks

Causal Compressions in Language and Thought

Compression and Global Insight

Causal Compressions

Emergent Structure in Conceptual Networks

Compression and Emergent Structure

Rafael Nunez

Conceptual Integration and Analogy
Blended spaces and performativity
Eve Sweetser

Metaphor and Conceptual Blending

Rethinking Metaphor

Aymara, where the future is behind you: Convergent evidence from language and gesture in the crosslinguistic comparison of spatial construals of time
Rafael Nunez and Eve Sweetser

Integration and Grammatical Constructions

Blending as a Central Process of Grammar

Grammatical blending: creative and schematic aspects in sentence processing and translation
Nili Mandelblit

Origins of Language

The origin of language as a product of the evolution of modern cognition
Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner

Material Culture and Meaning Construction

Material Anchors for Conceptual Blends
Edwin Hutchins

Making Meaning from a Clock
Robert Williams


  The Way We Think - Chapter 10

Generalized Integration Networks

Generalized Integration Networks

Methods and Generalizations in Linguistics

Methods and Generalizations

WWT:  Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner. 2003.  The Way We Think.  Basic Books.



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