About COGS1

COGS1 introduces the student to field of cognitive
science. The class is team-taught which is a

reflection of the interdisciplinary nature of the field. Topics discussed in class include learning, memory, language, perception, cognitive disorders and development. Additionally, there will be discussion on different methods used within the cognitive science department such as, functional neuroimaging, computational modeling, electophyisiolgical recordings,event-related potentials, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. This course is absolutely interdisciplinary and students should be prepared for an exciting whirlwind


Final Review Session
  1. Monday, March 14th at 7pm PCYN 109

  2. Final Review Session is Monday, March 14th @ 7pm
    Pepper Canyon 109 at 7pm

Good Job Everyone!
  1. Go to Podcasts for Week 10 lectures.

  2. Don't wait to review week 10 lectures -- watch them again using the podcast system. The lecture notes will be uploaded when we get them from our speakers.

Something fun to read!
  1. All lectures and review notes for week 8 are posted.

  2. Click this link: Enjoy this timely article on excercise and the brain.

Midterm 2 Review Session - Monday
  1. All lectures and review notes for week 7 are posted.

  2. Midterm-2 will be on week 4, 5 and 6 material.
    All lectures, readings and review materials are posted on the website.
    Come prepared to the review session on Monday!!
  3. Remember: EC quizzes are posted the night before lecture (around 6pm until 9am - just before lecture.)

Extra Credit Pre-reading Quiz is on TED tonight!
  1. Read the article, take the quiz!

  2. It is Extra Credit -- by taking the quiz you will help yourself learn (and get some extra credit towards your grade!)
  3. Remember: EC quizzes are posted the night before lecture (around 6pm until 9am - just before lecture.)

President's Day Holiday on Monday!
  1. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Your weekly quiz will be administered on TED instead of in section during week 7 due to the Monday holiday. Just like last time, it will be available on Friday afternoon - it will cover all week 6 material -lectures and readings.

    Monday section students are welcome to attend any of the Wednesday or Friday sections.

  3. Your Extra credit pre-reading quiz will be available on Monday after 6pm until Tuesday 9am - It will be on the Schizophrenia reading.

  4. Review notes, Section notes and lecture notes are all posted.

Midterm-1 Grades are posted!!
  1. Go to any TA/IA office hours to review your midterm test and scores.
  2. There will be EC-pre-reading quizzes posted on TEd before lectures :-)

Grade Break Down

  1. Midterm (all material from weeks 1-3): 15%
  2. Quiz: 20%
  3. Pre-reading quizzes before or after lectures-EC: 1%
  4. SONA 4 Experimental Hours = 1% - Extra Credit - Maximum 4 hours
  5. Midterm 2 (all material from weeks 4-6): 25%
  6. Final Exam (cummulative with an emphasis on weeks 7-10): 30%

Office Hours

Dr. Boyle's OH will now be on Thursdays @ 2:00 - 3:30 in CSB 272
TA/IA OH are posted on class website and on TED

Midterm Dates

Midterm 1 Examination Scheduled
Week 5 - Thursday Week 5 - February 4th
Note: Exam will cover all material and readings through Week 3.

Midterm 2 Examination Scheduled
Week 8 - Thursday Week 8 - February 25
Note: Exam will cover all material and readings (including) Weeks 4 through 6.

Final Exam Date

Final Examination Scheduled During Finals
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 @ 8:00-11:00am
Exam will cover all material and readings from quarter.
Emphasis will be placed on lectures and readings from Weeks 7 though 10.



Final Review
Monday @ 7pm
Final Exam Review PCYN 109
Final Exam
Tuesday @ 8:00-11:00am

Please plan your Spring Break plans with this date in mind! :-)