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San Diego Science and Engineering Fair

Traditionally, students learn the science that their parents and teachers want them to learn... (more)

Featured Classes
Fall 2015:
  • COGS160: Interaction Design Research
    prerequisites: (Cogs14a or CSE20) and (an A- or higher in Cogs120 or Cogs 102C)
  • COGS1: Design of Everyday Things
    A team taught course highlighting development of the field and the broad range of topics covered in the major. Example topics include addiction, analogy, animal cognition, human-computer interaction, language, neuroimaging, neural networks, reasoning, robots, and real-world applications.

Research Opportunities (199s)
  • Connecting the Disconnected with KA Lite
    Lab: Foundation for Learning Equality @ Calit2 Can information technology radically change the way we learn? Who can gain the most from free, open access to resources? At the Foundation for Learning Equality, a non-profit based at Calit2, we are harnessing the power of technology for education to take it ...
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  • How to administer standardized tests
    We would like to offer a 2 unit 199 course for undergraduate Cognitive Science majors next quarter. This 199 course will be to teach all students how to administer seven standardized tests which take about 1.5 hours/student. We will be administering the standardized tests, each about 5-15 minutes, the longer ...
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First Author Chun Chieh Fan

Patterns in sulci and gyri don’t predict cognitive ability, but may help diagnose disease

Class Central Interviews Scott Klemmer

Learning the Art and Science of Interaction Design

Opportunity to visit the MIT Media Lab!

You're invited to the MIT Media Lab Open House for prospective students.

Dsgn 1 - Design of Everyday Things

Looking for a class to take in Fall 15, Sign up for DSGN 1

Department Events (see all)

Design Summer Speaker Series: Norbert Streitz: Life in smart cities and airports

When: Mon Aug 10, 2015 2pm to 3pm
PDT<br />

<br />Where: Atkinson Hall 4001
<br />Event Status: confirmed
<br />Event Description: Life in smart cities and airports: People-centered design for transient smart spaces
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