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COGS Course Offerings 2017-2018

DSGN Course Offerings 2017-2018

COGS 160s: Seminars in Special Topics - Spring 2018

COGS 160 (B00): Biological Enculturation | Professor Rafael Núñez

In this seminar we will explore how human biology and culture —often seen as separate— have interacted over evolutionary and historical time in rich and complex ways. Informed by findings in the sciences of the mind and anthropogeny (the study of human origins), special emphasis will be put on how cultural practices and traits such as cooking, animal domestication, writing technology, art, and mathematics, have actually affected and modified the very biological phenomena that made us the animal we are: from anatomical features to the immune system, from the genome to the brain.
Prerequisites: upper-division standing
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COGS 160 (A00): Communication in Infancy | Professor Gedeon Deák

This course is a mixed Practicum/Seminar course designed to provide hands-on experience in research on infancy and early childhood. Students learn skills and are assigned responsibilities based on the project to which they are assigned. Students also participate in a journal club and prepare brief end-of-quarter presentations and reports. It is a 3-quarter sequence. Content, skills, and responsibilities evolve and expand every quarter. Students work with a supervisor who oversees training and task progress. 
Prerequisites: GPA of 3.3 or better; commitment to this COGS 160 for 3-quarters; permission of instructor based on interview and availability. 
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