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DSGN 119: Design at Large Seminar - Winter 2020

DSGN 119: Design at Large (course information

New societal challenges, cultural values, and technological opportunities are changing design, and vice versa. The seminar explores this increased scale, real-world engagement, and disruptive impact. Invited speakers from UC San Diego and beyond share cutting-edge research on interaction, design, and learning. 2 units. P/NP grades only.  Meets Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:00pm in EBU3B 1202.

Prerequisites: upper-division standing

DSGN 160: Seminar on Special Topics - Winter 2020

DSGN 160: Civic Design | Professor Steven Dow

This studio course explores how to design products, services, and policies for complex socio-technical systems. The class will follow a human-centered design process that includes user research, concept generation, prototyping, and refinement. Students will work in teams to design a solution to a civic challenge affecting people in the San Diego area. This will be a good course for intermediate to advanced design students who want to build up their portfolio and to practice their skills with sketching, storyboarding, prototyping, and evaluating services for complex settings. 

As part of this class, teams will enter the Design for San Diego 2020 challenge (D4SD.org) and interact with other innovators, experts, and mentors throughout the city to address problems related to Mobility, Climate, Public Health and Housing. Top teams will have an opportunity to present their work and win prizes at events in downtown San Diego!

This is a 4-credit hour class that has been approved as an elective for CogSci majors and DSGN minors. As a prerequisite, students should have completed at least one prior project-based design or engineering course at UCSD. More information at the course website/syllabus: civicdesign.ucsd.edu

Request enrollment through the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).

COGS 111: Beauty and the Brain - Winter 2020

COGS 111: Beauty and the Brain | Professor Drew Walker

What is beauty? The subjective experience of aesthetic appreciation dominates culture. But what determines this illusive quality? Why is it so important, how did it evolve, and how is it represented in the brain?
Prerequisites: upper-division standing

COGS 160: Seminars in Special Topics - Winter 2020

COGS 160 (A00): Social Cognitive Development | Professor Gedeon Deák

This course is a mixed Practicum/Seminar course designed to provide hands-on experience in research on infancy and early childhood. Students learn skills and are assigned responsibilities based on the project to which they are assigned. Students also participate in a journal club and prepare brief end-of-quarter presentations and reports. It is a 3-quarter sequence. Content, skills, and responsibilities evolve and expand every quarter. Students work with a supervisor who oversees training and task progress. 

Prerequisites: GPA of 3.3 or better; commitment to this COGS 160 for 3-quarters; permission of instructor based on interview and availability. 

Request enrollment by contacting Dr. Deak (gdeak@ucsd.edu).

COGS 160 (B00): Whither CogSci?- A Debate | Professor Rafael Núñez

More than a half-century ago, the ‘cognitive revolution’, with the influential tenet ‘cognition is computation’, launched the investigation of the mind through a multidisciplinary endeavor called ‘cognitive science’. What is the status of the field today? To what extent has the field achieved its goals? In this seminar we will explore these questions in a data-informed manner going beyond our UCSD walls. We will focus on historical materials and on the recent evaluation of four indicators (two bibliometric and two socio-institutional) which our team published in Nature HB last June and that generated a collection of scholarly commentaries that just came out this Fall in Topics in Cognitive Science. Besides, through the analysis of this debate this seminar intends to foster critical thinking as well as academic/professional reasoning and argumentative skills.  Class meets TuTh, 12:30pm-1:50pm, CSB 003.

Prerequisites: None. Open to any UCSD student (appetite for intellectual debate strongly recommended!)

Request enrollment through the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).

COGS 128: Information Visualization - Spring 2020

COGS 128: Information Visualization | Professor Taylor Scott

Frames information visualization as a quintessential cognitive science problem within our interdisciplinary field. Students learn conceptual and practical aspects of creating high-quality, interactive information displays to support a variety of cognitive tasks and then apply them to real-world data.

Prerequisites: (Cogs 10 or Dsgn 1) and Cogs 108

Course Pre-Authorizations

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